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Mangemo Is Your Trusted Gemology Laboratory

The Gemology Lab Power

Mangemo is a reputable Gemology laboratory with good knowlege of gemstones and it is based on strong scientific studies with many years of experience full of learning, a lot of fisrt time cases and with large number of operated stones.

In addition Mangemo Laboratory use the lasteast technical and scientific equipments, making the grading operations accurate and clear.

Who We are Serving?

The General Public

Intrigue with Beauty

Have you ever wondered what goes into the sparkle of a gemstone? Beyond their dazzling beauty, gemstones hold a world of science and history. Step inside our gemology lab and discover the secrets behind these natural wonders!

Mystery Solved

Unsure if your heirloom piece is real? Our gemology lab unveils the truth behind your gemstones. With cutting-edge technology and expert gemologists, we unlock the mysteries of your precious treasures.

Spark Curiosity

Where do gems come from? How do they become the dazzling stones we see in jewelry? Our gemology lab takes you on a scientific journey, exploring the formation, identification, and properties of these captivating creations of nature.

Jewelry Enthusiasts

Expertise You Can Trust

Looking for the ultimate confidence in your gemstone purchases? Our gemology lab, staffed by certified professionals, provides accurate identification and grading, ensuring you get the real deal.

Science Behind the Sparkle

Go beyond the surface with our gemology lab. We delve into the scientific properties of gemstones, revealing their unique characteristics, composition, and value.

Unlocking Investment Potential

Invest in gemstones with peace of mind. Our gemology lab provides comprehensive reports, empowering you to make informed decisions about your valuable gems.


Advanced Gemological Services

Elevate your business with our state-of-the-art gemology lab. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from identification and grading to origin determination and advanced analysis.

Partnership for Excellence

Committed to the highest standards? Our gemology lab is your trusted partner. We provide reliable and accurate gemological services to ensure the integrity and value of your gemstones.

Unveiling the Hidden Depths

Go deeper than the surface with our gemology lab. Utilizing advanced techniques, we unlock the complexities of your gemstones, empowering you with in-depth knowledge.


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With our deep experience, we are checking every stone with all the care and the professionalism.


High tech Equipment

In addition to our Lab team experience,we are using the lasteast scientific and professional equipments to supply our customers with a precise and well based grading reports.

Meet Our


H.Manar Manager

Certified Gemologist with 17 year of experience, having good scientic and technolical expertise.

E.Mariem Diamond Grader Specialist

Many years in grading Diamond,including the treatement and labgrown stones. The use of high tech equipment is a passion.

F.Amine Colored Stone Grader

When it comes to colored stones, you will be served with all care and professionalism. You are always welcome.

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